Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ryan Westmoreland's career in Jeopardy

Sorry for the seriousness of it, but Ryan Westmoreland is scheduled to undergo brain surgery next week and when it comes to playing with your brain you really don't know what's going to happen. Westmoreland was talked about all winter in trade talks and would have likely been one of the key cogs if anything went down with San Diego involving Adrian Gonzalez.

Why the picture of John Olerud? He had a similar procedure early in his career and became one of the staples of baseball in the mid '90s. John Olerud also has a great Rickey Henderson moment in his career, despite its questionable truth.

Both players arrive to play for the Seattle Mariners:
Rickey: Hey, what's that helmet for? Rickey played with a guy last year that wore a helmet like that.
Olerud: Yeah. That was me.

Regardless, good luck to you Ryan and we hope to see you happy and healthy and in Fenway sooner rather than later.

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