Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pitchers and Catchers Report: This should be a national holiday

The kids are in Florida. The Cheese brought their camera...

Understanding that his playing time will be cut significantly this season, Tek learned how to levitate things in the offseason, you know, to keep himself busy on the bench. A skill that will come in handy when Lackey is looking for a water jug to tip over.

Tim Wakefield praying. or practicing karate. or praying that he knew karate so that he can defend himself when Beckett finds the "kick me" note taped to his back.

GQ's 'Awkward Pose Against a Fence by a General Manager' Award goes to... Theo Epstein!

Realizing that he is once again alienating the Red Sox fan base, Daisuke Matsuzaka got a head start by jogging back to Japan.

Tito: "Its been a few months, remind me again... who the hell are you guys?"

The annual tradition of baseball players pretending they're dragsters.

The annual tradition of pitchers pretending they're ballerinas.

The first Boof Bosner sighting. For some reason I thought he'd look more like a cartoon.

Youk's stink affects photography as well.

After becoming a free agent, John Lackey realized that he may need to do a little extra to make himself more appealing to prospective teams. So he installed a bionic arm.

Welcome back fellas.

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BBG said...

lol...very good! I esp. like the job back to Japan, and the bionic arm.