Monday, February 22, 2010

The Angry Brothers

Ladies and Gentleman, the Cheese would like to introduce you to the newly reunited, Angry Brothers. These two are long lost brothers bound by their common outlandish and uncontrollable tempers. They're both from Texas, and these two were born to pitch together and compete for the angriest pitcher in baseball title. Lets take a look at their resumes:

The Incumbent - Josh Beckett:
We've seen it all from Josh. Tantrums. Tirades. Swearing. He's at his best when reporters ask him stupid questions. But we can't forget his well-documented knack for throwing at guys when he's bored. He's banged a numbers of hot chicks, so its still unclear what Josh is so angry about.

The Newcomer - John Lackey:
Slothey is best defined by his permanent angry jaw. Those gritting teeth. That psychotic stare from under his low brim. In general, he looks like a menacing dude even when he's being a gentle guy helping an old lady cross the street. He also likes to throw at guys for no reason, and one of his many hobbies includes storming off the mound.

We look forward to a summer of inexplicable outbursts and high blood pressure. Stay tuned for the many Mis-adventures of the Angry Brothers.


Sports Chump said...

Imagine if they were 'roided up.

Did I just say that?

Jon said...

Oh man, throw a few needles their way and they would be able to take over the world. Eventually it would turn out like your typical "the machine is too smart for its own good" movie and they would then turn on their supporters causing World War III. It would be more ineresting than the current team though.

Bosox Bikini Girl said...

or maybe the Angry brothers will be a remake of Dumb and Dumber...