Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pitcher does indeed have a big butt

And Barry Bonds' cameo in Rookie of the Year looks like a Barry Bonds skeleton compared to the monster that he is now. Spring training is officially under way and my baseball juices are flowing so it was only natural to watch Henry Rowengartner throw a few pieces of high stinky cheese past Bobby Bonilla. Best baseball movie? It's hard to say. Any baseball movie that doesn't feature Freddie Prinze Jr. throwing a whizzing fastball deserves to be in a "best movie" category. But I digress. Ah yes, baseball. Swoon.

*After watching that scene a few times, Barry Bonds just has a f*cking huge head. I always thought it was the juice, but it looks like he is going to tip over with that melon attached to his toothpick body. It's like the inverse Pamela Anderson effect or something.

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