Friday, January 8, 2010

What me and my brain are thinking.

We (my brain and I) always have a hard time getting along and doing even the most menial daily tasks are quite the chore. I want to brush my teeth, but my brain is all about combing my hair first. My brain wants eggs in the morning but I want oatmeal. We just can not find common ground on anything. So this makes these comments by Jonathan Papelbon even more surprising, and to be honest makes me a little jealous. When asked (we can only assume he was asked and didn't call ESPN directly) about his upcoming arbitration and what he should be paid:

"Heck yeah, as far as what me and my brain are thinking,'' Papelbon said, "but I haven't even sat down with my agents [Seth and Sam Levinson] yet. We don't even have a number in place. There haven't been any discussions between me and the Red Sox and my agents at all.''

From there Paps uses the phrase "cat and mouse" about 11 times when referencing himself and the Sox, himself and Bard, his agents and the Sox, and anyone else him and his brain could agree on talking about at that moment.

I'm going to spin the positive on this one like this: You know what it means when you start reading quotes about Papelbon bitching about his contract? That means baseball is coming soon. Truck day next month, spring training soon after that. Come on baseball. Come on back.

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BBG said...

If Pap worked for Belichik, he'd be benched...and his head couldn't fit into a helmet...