Thursday, January 7, 2010

Matt Holliday more or less won the lottery

Being the average working man that I am, I take my honest wage as it comes and try not to think about what would have happened if my parents sent me to Mike Greenwell's summer baseball camp back in 4th grade or the amazing things that could have came from taking ground balls with Jody Reed at his baseball extravaganza get-away. Pretty much I've come to terms that pro athletes make insane amounts of money and I don't. It's ok, I'm over it. So when the Cardinals signed Matt Holliday to a $120 Million dollar contract I figured that's just baseball being baseball. Then SI said something along the lines of:

The St. Louis Cardinals will be paying Matt Holliday through 2029 under the $120 million, seven-year contract that is likely to be finalized Thursday. Holliday will get $17 million a season in salary, but $2 million a year will be deferred without interest... Holliday's contract includes a $17 million team option for 2017 with a $1 million buyout, and the Cardinals must decide whether to exercise it within five days of the end of the 2016 World Series. The option would become guaranteed if Holliday finishes among the top 10 in 2016 NL MVP voting. Depending on whether the option is exercised, Holliday will receive $1.4 million or $1.6 million each July 15 from 2020 until 2029.

So, trusty calculator by my side, if Holliday is 30 now (in a week) that means that he will be able to celebrate his 49th birthday knowing that 6 months later he may get a big fat check for over $1 Million. Remember how I just said I'm no longer bitter than I'm not a professional athlete making millions of dollars a year? I take that back. I am very bitter. On July 15th 2029 I'll be 48. You know what that means? That means St. Louis missed out on me because I'll be one year younger. Take that jerks.


Anonymous said...

Take some solace in the fact that by the time he is 49, a million dollars will be pocket change anyway

Jon said...

Someone else told me that but I'm not sure if I totally buy it. I read something that said "20 years from now $964 would only be worth $526" so that's more than half, so his $1+M will be worth $500k or so. Oh well, I just hope I have a flying car in 2029.