Saturday, January 9, 2010

Did you know?

For God knows how long now I've started every morning with Sportscenter. I've been with it through the good years; aka the Kilborn, Patrick and Olberman era. The bad years with Stewart "Boo-ya" Scott and now into this era that is void of any distinct personalities except the occasional Chris Berman segment. Not that we need any more "Swami" in our lives, but at least he's got his own shtick. Anyways, what ever happened to the ending of the show? The good ol "Did You Know?". Those odd days in February and March when all there is talk about is boring NHL and NBA games the "DYK?" was the best part of the show. Oh man, then if you knew the answer or if it was about your home team, well that was just the bees knees. Now what do we get? A funny little "adios"? No, we get a smooth pan out from the camera that shows us a little more of the set where all we can do is check to see if anyone is really wearing pants. Thanks ESPN. We go from knowledgeable sports trivia to pant checking. Dan Patrick really did take the best part of ESPN with him.

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