Monday, January 18, 2010

My Coakley observation

Besides that whole "Schilling is a Yankee fan" thing that I'm sure she regrets, she should also regret not listening to me. Not to mention I'm a NH resident.

::phone rings::
Me: (after seeing Martha Coakley on the caller ID) MARTHA!!! Is that you?
Martha Coakley: Hello. This is Martha Coakley.
Me: YES! I knew you'd call. Look, Martha that Schilling thing...
MC: I know you're probably very busy but I'd like a minute of your time.
Me: I know, and I'd like a minute of yours. See, when you said Schilling was a ...
MC: I'd like to talk to you about the upcoming election.
Me: And I'd like to talk to you about Curt Schill...
MC: Please, vote for me.
Me: Martha, I feel this conversation is a little one sid...
MC: Tuesday, January 19th.
Me: God damnit, Martha!!! Listen to me...
MC: Again, thank you for your time and I know I can count on you tomorrow.
Me: Oh, you can count on me alright you old windbag.

My conclusion, Martha Coakley is a very pushy person who doesn't even listen to you when you're trying to tell her how she alienated hundreds of thousands of Red Sox fans.

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BBG said...

Vote Scott Brown!! I should know; I'm from Maine. lol