Sunday, January 17, 2010

More like a phantom punch

This article can explain it and you can see it here (around 0:48), but Jose Offerman has again attempted to turn baseball into a full contact sport and this time he wasn't even technically supposed to be on the field.

Offerman, the manager of the Licey Tigers, appeared to punch first base umpire Daniel Rayburn with a right hook during an argument in a contest against the Cibao Giants.

Now if you watch the video it looks like a "Phantom Punch". Oh, the punch was there, but it appears to kind of swoosh past the ump and then he fakes it like a soccer player.

My guess is that Offerman has some unresolved issues with that call back in '99 and they're resurfacing every 5 years or so. If I was Chuck Knoblauch I'd probably make sure my front door is securely locked and my daughter knows how to use a stun gun.


Educated Steve said...

Of course, Jose has this "Izzy" moment to his credit too...

Jose has a lot of crazy in his system.

Anonymous said...
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BBG said...

Did Jose end that pitcher's career on that day? That's what I heard. Did he actually connect with that bat?