Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Hundred BILLION dollars!!!

That's how much the MLB Network and MLB.com must have paid Peter Gammons for leaving ESPN to now sit beside Mitch Williams, Matt Varschuersomething and ex-ESPN-er Harold Reynolds. Gammons, who was best known for making ESPN tolerable through what I refer to as the "Stuart Scott era", leaves an absolute wake of awesomeness behind him as he instantly makes MLB network analysis something not to miss. As a Sox fan, and Gammons as a lifer around these parts, I've felt that Gammy (What Tito calls him) always wanted to blurt out some anti-Yankee sentiment in the middle of some of his trade rumors.

"Word has it, Stuart, that The Yankees are going to go after CC Sabathia, Mark Teixera AND AJ Burnett... did I read that right? Do these asshats have no shame? Great, that leaves what, table scraps for the rest of the league. F#*kin' Yankees. Back to you Stuart, you lazy eyed motha f#&ker."

So now Gammons continues his analytical dominance at a channel which really was made especially for him. 100% baseball all the time. Hell, even the field they have in the studio looks like somethings Gammy could have ran around on in his hay-day.

**EDIT** Hold the effin' phones. My apologies for the first part of this post that I wrote last night, but now they're saying Petey boy is also going to be working for NESN in 2010? So what you're telling me is we get DO, Remy, Watney, Rice, The Eck AND Gammy?!?! This is like a movie about Micheal J Fox driving a time machine into Rocky's fight with the Russian while Arnold is just about to give the thumbs up to Jessica Biel (clothes optional) as he's dipped into a tub of "magma" and Peter Gammons is doing play by play on the entire thing. Wow. Just wow. See you around Gammy.

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