Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Jason Bay Negotiations

Well guys, we gave it a good shot but it just looks like Jason Bay doesn't want to come back to Boston. I say we go after this thing Irish wake style. I'll go get the gorilla suit and the Bud Lights.

Theo. I don't know if you read the latest SCWNOC, but I was flipping through the pages....

The what?

The Sporting Canadian World News of Canada.

Let's see, Hustler. Check. Handsome Men Under 40. Check. No Sporting Canada thing though.

Well, Theo, here it says Jason Bay is Canadian.

Yarrrr, why don't we pay the lousy swab in Canadian dollars then? What say you, Theo-rrrrr?

Well, if that's the route you're interested in traveling down, just to let you know, $15 Million American dollars is roughly about $22 Million Canadian dollars.

YARRR!!! My NASCARRRRRRRR doesn't even bring in that kind of bounty.

What's up Theo LaFluer!!! Did I hear someone say Jason Bay is signing for $20 Million dollars? Me'Shell Sabathia, go have a word or three with Mr. Bay.

Right away Mr. Steinbrenner.

Yarrrrr!!! John Henry the Pirate don't like the looks of this. Yarrrrrrr...

... to be continued...

Amazingly, all photo shopping was done in house, not by semi-drugged, semi-professionals being held under their own power in my basement.

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