Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ok, what's next?

The last 2 days were some top notch off-season hot stove action. I was all caught up in the Scoots rumors and he wasn't even the top guy on my radar for off-season moves. So now I ask, what's next? Doing a quick lineup check they're still short on an OF and they could probably use a backup plan in the starting pitching department seeing as relying on Wake for an entire year might not be the best move. There are still Tiger rumors out there that they want to ditch salary, and that Miguel Cabrera guy would be the guy to move if they wanted to trim the fat. I can only wish.

Another good call by the MLB Network with the '96 AS game last night. Ozzie Smith's last AS game, Cal Ripken in mid streak, Bob Costas calling a guy running onto the field a "moron" and one of my favorite guys growing up, Ellis Burks, tripled. He was on the Marlins then, but he'll always be a Sox guy.

Also, Nick Cage getting Jessica Biel in that movie Next? There's a better chance of Youk not eating red meat for 2 days straight. I've never seen the movie so I don't know if Nick Cage does actually get Jessica Biel but I bet Nick sneaked it in his contract that he gets to at least cop a cheap feel.

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