Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baseball Hall of Fame, I spit on you!

Well, I don't spit on you, but Roberto Alomar might just huck a loog at you if you don't watch out. The 2010 Hall of Fame Ballot was released a couple weeks ago but I've been so busy trying to get the patent on my Marco Scutaro Scooter idea that I totally forgot to write about it. Let's have a look, shall we?

First, the animals: Andres "Big Cat" Gallaraga, Andre "The Hawk" Dawson, Fred "The Crime Dog" McGriff, Mark "I injected myself with enough horse testosterone to be considered part animal" McGwire and Alan Trammell played on the Tigers.

Other noteables: Ellis Burks (because he was on the Red Sox), Barry Larkin (because he played with Chris Sabo), Roberto Alomar (Sir Spits) and Robin Ventura (not batman).

Well, that turned out to be incredibly un-interesting. Besides maybe Barry Larkin and eventually Roberto Alomar, guys like Ellis Burks and Robin Ventura really have no chance in hell of ever making it to the Coop. Definitely a step down from last year where there was the near unanimous vote of Rickey Hendu and the long awaited vote of Jim Rice. I mention near unanimous with Rickey because this guy didn't think Rickey was even in the top 10 in that class. Top 10, or top 8 I guess because according to this little piece of info here, he didn't realize he had 10 to choose from and would have voted Rickey in if he had those 2 more votes. Glad there are such great minds at work when determining who makes it into the hall.


Educated Steve said...

wait, now its Marco Polo Scutaro Scooter? Too many nickname patents for one mediocre baseball player.

Jon said...

Well he can endorse the "Marco Polo Scutaro game" that is played on "Marco Scutaro Scooters". This is what happens when you sign with Boston, everyone finds something about you to comment on.