Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Johnny, how we don't miss you.

Could the Sox use an out fielder right now? Eh, maybe. Will they sink to the the lowly low of all lows by signing someone who recently appeared on, ohhhh I don't know, Monday Night Raw? Someone like, ohhhh, I don't know, like Johnny Damon? I'm guessing no. Damon did some kind of hosting or wrestling or weak arm showing off of some kind last night while taunting the crowd about how he's won WS rings in both NY and Boston. From the clips I've seen it was pretty magical in a "oh how the mighty have fallen" kind of way. In his Boston days Damon would have held himself to much higher standards... like being a guest referee or announcer or at least stealing a kiss from someone besides an old goat named The Fabulous Moolah. My apologies if you looked at that picture.

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BBG said...

Was that Damon's mother??