Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In this post, I predict the future

YEEEES!!! You are correct, SIR! Gotta love Ed.

Anyways, there's a lot of confusion about what's next and what the Sox are going to do. I am here to tap into the vast wide openness that is the future.

Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, Adrian Beltre and Adrian Gonzalez... Players that will not be starting for the Sox come April. Maybe it's the snow or maybe it's the woman in front of me at Dunkin Donuts who ordered half a dozen egg sandwiches when all I wanted was a medium regular, but I'm Mr. Negative right now and I don't see the Sox pulling off anymore moves. My reasons? Oh, I have reasons. Unless Theo gets Bud Selig and his bunch of yes men to change it to a 26 man roster, there's just no room left for anyone else. If they can move Lowell then yes, there will be one spot, but right now there's no room at the Yawkey Way Inn. More reasons? Cashola. Henry has a money tree, but he might not want to shake all the leaves off that sucker on a less than ideal free agent class this year. Maybe save a few bucks to throw at Mauer next year? Just food for thought.

Boof Bosner... The savior of the 2010 Red Sox. No, I'm kidding. The only thing Boof might save is a seat on the bench for one of the starters that actually pitches during the season.

And within all this negativity there lies some anti-jinxing magic that we here at The Cheese put so much faith in. Break a leg, dislocate a thumb, do what you have to do because we need some mojo right about now.

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