Thursday, December 24, 2009

Luke... I am your wireless provider

The AT&T vs Verizon war reached new heights when AT&T got Owen Wilson to do some anti-Verizon commercials. I say VZ has to shoot back and get Luke Wilson to point out his brothers' obvious flaws. While Luke has Old School on his side which is beyond a classic, Owen has Wedding Crashers AND was the voice of a frickin' Lightning McQueen. Rather than Owen show that mashed up nose and straw hair on a commercial, I think he should take the licensing rights to Lighting and show his little (maybe big, not sure?) brother how to do cell phones. If it wasn't the eve before Christmas I'd probably come up with a clever picture and maybe even a few funny links, but I still have to go out and do half my Xmas shopping. Also if I didn't have Verizon I'd be pointing out all their short comings and signing the praises of Luke rather than Owen. OK, now I'm getting them confused. A quick Google shows me there is a 3rd brother, Andrew. Wow. You can even learn things on Xmas eve.

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BBG said...

sounds like someone needs a vacation.... ;) Merry Christmas, Cheese!