Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hot Stove + 12 inches of snow = Water

And water is boring as hell. Chances are Theo should be scheming up some kind of dastardly plan to move Mike Lowell to the Mariners in a Heathcliff Slocumb/Lowe+Varitek deal of yester year, but I doubt even the M's haven't heard the news about "the thumb".

So what to do now? Throw away the season and start to think about 2011? Even though that may be my mentality I'm hoping the front office takes a different look at things and pulls something else out of their collective butts. Moving Lowell is going to be a problem, as if it already wasn't. Short of giving him away for free I just don't know how this is going to get resolved before spring training and before he can prove his thumb is firmly attached to his hand, like a thumb should be.

While we wait on "the thumb" we can take pleasure in seeing that after Jason Bay turned down the Sox 4/$60 deal it looks like the only other team looking for his services at such a steep rate is the New York Mets, which happen to be a hopeless team with a bloated payroll and fancy new stadium but no chance of winning their division and that doesn't sit well with Bay. Let's see, 8 playoff spots total every year, maybe 2 or 3 of those teams are looking for an OF and can afford Bay or Holliday, so that doesn't leave too many suitors that meet Bays' standards to begin with and now he's elimated another one. Oh Jason, what could have been. Shame.

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BBG said...

I almost feel like yelling at Bay, "Nah, na, na, na, nahhhhh" in a childish sort of way!!