Thursday, December 3, 2009

Joy to the World!

Baseball fans can rejoice, at least temporarily, as Chip Caray has been fired by TBS!!!

Nope, no hoax here. Its not some other Chip Caray who was an insurance adjuster from Hartford who got fired for making a sexist joke in the break room. Nope, this is THE Chip Caray. The one who's done his best to make us hate playoff baseball the last few years. And according to my sources (that website above), he got fired for the reason we wanted... for butchering every aspect of the play-by-play broadcast (though if he got fired for making a sexist joke in the TBS break room, that would have been equally satisfying). Lets take a look at Chip's resume:
  • comes from a long line of baseball broadcasters, notably hilarious Cubs announcer Harry Caray.
  • f*cked things up behind the mike for the: Orlando Magic, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves.
  • joined the Brotherhood of Idiotic National Baseball Announcers (BINBA) in 2004 when he joined TBS. Other notable members of BINBA: Chris Berman, Joe Buck, Steve Phillips, vice-president Joe Morgan and president Tim McCarver.
  • a world-class, over-reacting dipsh*t.
So fellow fans, take this as an early Christmas present. And while its unclear whether this will give D.O. more face time on TBS (and what a big face it is), we can only hope this sends Chip into a 12-month bender full of scandalous affairs and bad publicity. ok, thats mean... D.O.'s face isn't that big.


Jon said...

I can only hope this means Joe Buck is on his way out too. His replacement: a wooden spoon.

BBG said...

Oh, Joe Buck....don't get me started on Joe Buck...