Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The MLB Network ain't that bad

I'm not going to go checking previous posts, but I think I put up something to this extent before. Right now I'm really jonesing for some actual baseball. All this Hot Stove: The Arbitration Version ain't really feeding my need. Last weekend MLBN showed back to back to back to way back All-Star games and I made it a point to make sure I DVR-ed the '99 game in Fenway. I remember walking around down-town Cambridge when they did the fly-by before the first pitch and a line of car alarms went off because those things were so damn loud and then to top it off I made it to the bar just in time to watch Pedro make the steroid era look like a bunch of puss*es.

Now I'm not sure if this tops Pedro in the AS game, but they just showed The Yankees losing the 2001 World Series to the D-backs. With the entire country rooting on the Yanks (if you recall that 9/11 thing just happened) it was sweet to watch them lose it again this time. Then it's nothing less than god damn eerie to watch Schilling go into Yankee Stadium 3 years before "the sock" and know what you're about to watch. Good work MLB Network. You get a free pass until I watch one of your stupid shows and write a post about how I don't like Harold Reynolds.

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BBG said...

Good stuff about the 99 game & the car alarms....good stuff