Monday, November 23, 2009

Win the Cy Young, get an All-Star game 3 years later

Kansas City has to be pretty happy with the way all things baseball are going in their town. Well, besides the whole losing seasons for what seems like 20 years and some of their top prospects not really panning out but they did however just watch one of their young guns take home the Cy Young and with that apparently comes an invitation to host the 2012 All Star game.

Most of us have never had the experience of seeing a game at Kauffman Stadium, but if you're ever driving down I-70 you can actually get a decent view of it from the road. Now I'm sure the fountains, the giant crown in center field and the nearly complete lack of bleacher seats is quite the attractive set of features, but when a city of a losing team hosts the AS game it always seems to be missing something. Of course that could just be because the AS game is glam fest for ESPN and yet another chance for everyone to see Bud The Fearless leader do what I like to call, "The Selig Face". Seen here, here annnnd here. And here, here, here and here. Congrats KC and keep bringing on the Grienke quotes.

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