Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cool little thing

With the Hot Stove at an absolute piping red hot level right now, here's something else to pass your time instead of checking to see who offers Bay 5 years guaranteed and drives the Sox asking price up another $10mm. You can check out any MLB players' hitting chart at any stadium for just about any year. Here is David Ortiz from this past season at Fenway. One of the cooler things for him is to look at the "doubles" and just see how many of those he puts against the monster. If you're like me and you like to kill time by looking at pointless baseball stuff (and obviously some part of you is because you're reading this) then it's fun to waste some time with.

Kevin Millar didn't hit an opposite field HR in 2004? You're kidding me.

Check out Manny in 04 hitting bombs all over the field.

Johnny Damon's home runs at Yankee Stadium. Think he got any help from that shallow wall out in right?

To check different players, click on one of those links and search for a player name and it's right under "hit chart".


BBG said...

that is an amazing program! Someone certainly has a lot of time on their hands....

Educated Steve said...

My favorite is the infield singles for Ichiro.