Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mauer For Mayor

The first thing Joe Mauer thought when he won the AL MVP? How do my sideburns look? The second, and in this non-90210 obsessed world, more important thing? Cha-ching$$!! Minnesota is going to have to make a Mayoral sized commitment to Mr. Mauer if they want to have a chance of watching him compete for another MVP in 2011. Every team under the sun has been rumored to say they will give up most of their farm system to get their mitts on Mauer and since Minnesota didn't exactly get a good haul for Santana and let Torii (stupid two "i"s) Hunter slip away, there's a good chance they're going to wrap him up big time. We can only hope the Twins can play the part of the Mariners and the Sox can offer up another Heathcliff Slocumb type deal and maybe persuade Joe to come to Boston. Oh we can only hope.

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