Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Matt Bonner lightin' it up.

Matt Bonner, aka the Brian Scalabrine of the South, aka The Red Rocket, aka a local boy from Concord, NH went OFF last night against the The Bucks to the tune of a lifetime (maybe) high 23 points on an awkward 23 points including an even more awkward 6-8 in the 3 point department. Now I'm no graceful artist on the court, but Matt Bonner looks like he's doing squat thrusts behind the arc and then surprises everyone by slowing launching the ball towards the basket. Seeing as since this guy retired no one feels like guarding white guys beyond the arc, he had plenty of chances to work the quads and get some dude sweat going, 3 points at a time, and he did.

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