Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And now for the trade rumor part of our program

Who, or what, exactly is an "industry source"?

The Red Sox are making a push to obtain Toronto ace Roy Halladay before the start of baseball’s winter meetings Dec. 7, according to industry sources.

Great, who said that? Aparently Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe either knows an industry source, or is wasting his time writing an article based on something out of a New York newspaper... which sites and industry source. Stories like this get everyone on the radio all fired up which then gets the suits (that's right, I'm bad) on the nightly news talking baseball and saying something stupid like how much they miss Curt Schilling which then makes us all want to start weilding guns to insure things like this don't keep happening. It's like that scene in Stand By Me when Lardass pukes at the pie eating contest, then someone else does, so on and so forth until the sight and sound of someone throwing up in front of you doesn't even bother you anymore. That's what trade rumors are right now: Vomit.

However, it would be foolish not to speculate on this blueberry pie mess, sooooo. Do you give up Bucholz and Casey Kelley for one year of, and negotiating rights to a 33 (in May) year old, Halladay? Or do you go the Yankee route, sign Lackey (31, not sure what his age is in May) who has less miles (innings) on him and let someone else sign Halladay til he's 38 years old? Oh Theo, what will you do and where are you eating Thanksgiving this year?

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