Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now there's the AJ we all know and love

2 innings, 4 walks, 6 ER. That's more like it. Yes sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut, but AJ got his nuts smacked around like a speed bag last night and only gave McCarver 2 innings to comment on how great Burnett's curveball is. The best thing about last night, besides the Burnett taint-handing, is that with the Yankee lose that means we get to see Pedro go again on Wednesday night in NY. Worst case scenario, we get another day of Pedro quotes. Best case scenario, we get to watch Cole Hamels on Thursday too.

Also, in true anti-Yankee fashion, let's celebrate Chase Utley tying Reggie Jackson's HR record in the World Series. One more and Mr. October gets shown up by a second baseman with more grease in his hair under his helmet than a lot of people have under their car.

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