Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How the Varitek option got exercised

Jason Varitek: Theo, I noticed that you guys didn't pick up my club option the other day?
Theo Epstein: So, you noticed that.
Jason: Yeah. Any reason in particular?
Theo: You really want to know?
Jason: Hmm, not really.
Theo: Good, it's better that way. Any chance you won't be picking up your option for next year?
Jason: Don't be silly. Of course I'm coming back. What would the Sox be without the Cap'tin?
Theo: Sh*t. This is awkward. About that "C"... we're going to need that back?
Jason: Come again?
Theo: Well, Victor made quite the impression on us last year and...
Jason: Woah, he's been here like 5 minutes.
Theo: Well, we exercised his team option the other day and kind of figured he's going to be the starter going into next year.
Jason: Theo. This hurts.
Theo: I'm sorry, but we're also going to need Heidi back.
Jason: Ha, that's funny, but she chose me.
Theo: Oh boy. This is going to be even more awkward...


Educated Steve said...

outstanding. and the best part is that the actual awkwardness of that conversation wasn't far off.

BBG said...

I actually was cringing & shrinking as I listened to that exchange....