Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fact: Gold Gloves are not made of chocolate

Fact 2: Gold Gloves are handed out like free samples of meatballs at BJs. Torii (two "i"s, come on) Hunter and Ichiro won their 9th straight GGs, which means they shop at BJs a lot. The biggest travesty (yes at this point of the year these things are travesties) is that Derek Jeter took home the GG this year. I'll give him the fielding percentage argument but apparently they don't factor in range or how cool of a guy you are anymore. What have you become Gold Glove?

Of course the biggest scam in the history of the Glove is Raffy Palmeiro in 1999. He only played 158 games that year. Wait, that's not bad, that's actually a good amount of games in a season. Oh yes, only 28 of those games were played at first base. So he was the first person to ever win a Glove for the DH position. Put that next to the whole lying to the Congress thing and taking steroids and you've got a pretty impressive career. Thanks Raffy!

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