Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Trade Rumors

This is the part of the year where it gets ugly and you just wish you could stay away from baseball for another 4 months and just immerse yourself in football and all the joys of booze and food and the serious couch time that football brings. But you can't. If you could, you wouldn't be reading a half assed Sox blog and checking MLBTR twice a day. (Or is that just me?). The one thing we do have to entertain ourselves through the next 120 days is the rumoriest trade rumors that have ever rumored their way around these parts. As far as I can tell, every single player that is a free agent this year or is going to be one next year has been accused of being a possible suspect in the Sox off-season moves. Honestly, I think reporters make some of these quotes up or read into what Theo is saying just a bit too much. Example:

"Theo, Theo. Are you guys interested in signing Hideki Matsui this off-season?"
"Well, we're not sure if that would be a great idea. I'd like to think we have more pressing matters to look at."

See, then all of a sudden everyone's yappin' about Matsui and radio shows are going nuts over how so-and-so would fit in so perfectly and this has to happen right now and if it doesn't the world is over. Then 5 minutes later they say the same thing about Hanley Ramirez. Repeat for 3 months. Enjoy!

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BBG said...

I heard that Johnny D wants to come back to Boston, to "finish what he started." Excuse me? What did he start?? He says he'll live in NY & play for Boston...cause he can't get his wife out of the Big Apple. Life THAT'LL go over really well....but, it's just a rumor.