Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top 10 Sox Moments of 2009: Number 6 - Youk Goes Postal

August 11th. I remember it well. After back to back ass whoopings in Tampa Bay and New York the Sox went home and the Tigers came to town. Youk got hit the first game of the series and after he got beaned the second time in two nights he got himself all riled up. We covered it here, and here. After Youk threw the helmet many people will say Porcello won the fight from there, but any fight where Kevin Youkilis is laying on top of you, sweating his sweaty face all over you, well I don't call that a victory. In his own words, Youk was a "pin cushion" for a lot of teams to take their frustration out on leading up to that blow-up, so I guess we all should have seen it coming? Whomever the victor was (a soggy Porcello possibly), it was something to see Kevin Youkilis at his breaking point.

Also, NESN, the show "Batter's Box"? I know baseball is over but come on. First dating shows, then that Fitzy guy quizzing people but now you bring in sad, lonely New Englanders who have spent their lives building up the knowledge to answer questions like how many players were officially on the team roster in 1995. The answer is 55, which someone answered correctly but to his credit it was multiple choice, so he's not THAT much of a chooch. I don't care for the show. Plain and simple. However, make Heidi the host and you might have something...

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BBG said...

Love when we saw Youk acting all bull-like.

Here's an idea, get your ass on The Batter's Box! I'd love to see that!