Friday, October 30, 2009

AJ Burnett is a scumbag

Technically all Yankee players are scumbags in at least one way or another, but something about AJ irks me to an A-rod level. Maybe it's the stupid tattoos (what is that a pi symbol on his hand?) or his white trashy looking exterior, I'm not really sure. AJ is usually good for one inning of implosion per game but I guess he picked a good time (relative opinion) to not walk 8 guys and throw 13 wild pitches, which would be conducive of a regular game for him.

Maybe after game 1 the joy of the Yankees losing blinded me and made me forgot I was listening to Buck and McCarver so I didn't get that sharp stabbing pain in my brain, but last night was a different story. They were suckling on the teet of Pedro for what seemed like a fortnight and I think it got to an obsessive point when old man McCarver "recalled" a cheese game he played against Pedro in which Petey moved the pieces with his mind and somehow beat Tim with only a pawn. The story was a perfect example of how smart Pedro was, which was the point of their rambling for the first hour of the broadcast. Now as Sox fans we've always felt shunned by the terrible two-some when it's Sox/Yanks, but is it possible that Fox and the Ambiguously Gay Duo hate the Yankees? I don't think so, but apparently there are some delusional people out there that might think that way.

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BBG said...

AJ reminds me of that young guy down in Florida whose little girl is missing...the one has the young girlfriend/wife/ex-wife who is pretty much the center of the investigation now...

AJ = white trash!!