Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday's Brawl - An Illustrated Guide

A day late and a dollar short, but this photo gallery over at had me chucklin'. So of course, we need to Cheese-ify it...

"You sons of bitches ever played Youk tag?"

"Throwing helmets is one of the keys to victory in Youk tag."

"Boy, what's that pungent smell? Oh, its me."

"Youk! You're on fire! Stop, drop, and roll."

Terry Francona's bedtime tales about his playing career in Montreal successfully puts the umpire to sleep.

"Who stole my pack of Marlboro reds? "

"So, what's the diagnosis, Dr. Extremely Tiny Team Physician?"
"I'm done arguing with you two. In fact, I'm throwing my tongue away."
*Also, damn Mohegan Sun for bashing that Superfreak parody commercial into my head. Now it's in your head. you're welcome.

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Bosox Bikini Girl said...

Those are great! I laughed SOOOO hard when Teets threw his tongue....what an animated character.