Thursday, August 13, 2009

Josh Beckett: Ruiner of hopes and dreams.

For those of you non-nature freaks, that's a tiger right there he's holding. It may look deer-ish, but it ain't. You don't believe me? You go approach that guy and tell him he doesn't kill Tigers. Beckett is the wine of the staff this year, getting better with time. Not only is Beckett just killing it lately it but Bay is on a tear and looking at the way Lowell is playing I think he probably put a bug in Youk's ear to charge the mound knowing that it would lead to a suspension and playing time. Much needed wins especially after that non-winning streak and everyone is getting in on the show.

As you may have saw last night, Remy was back at Fenway and he talked to EEI about his return to the booth. Thanks to our pal Bernie over at EEI for the audio. Some may think at the Cheese we don't welcome Remy back because of our namesake and Eck, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We wish Remy a healthy and speedy comeback and can't wait for some much missed Rem-time.

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