Thursday, September 24, 2009

The world continues to turn

I thought the world would just come to a halt if the Sox lost 3 in a row to the Royals. Kind of like how Superman could run so fast he could run around the world the opposite way of its natural rotation and all of a sudden time would freeze or go in reverse. Luckily the Sox have Josh Beckett to keep such things from happening, or at least to shut down the Royals for a few innings. Last night was what the other 2 nights should have been and tonight should be more of the same. It's the F*cking Roayls and it's late September. It's almost like the schedule makers got together and said "Alright, we know the Yanks will come back in the second half like they always do, so let's set the Sox up with 7 in a row against Baltimore and KC so they can have a showdown in NY. Oh, and just to make sure it all happens right, let's throw the Yanks out to LAA so they at least don't win the series and spoil everything." Oh curse you schedule makers and your lack of proper future seeing.

Buchs tonight. Lock up your laptops.

Also, from the music vault. If you haven't done so, check out Green Day's new CD and more specifically the B-sides with their cover of "Like a Rolling Stone". Gotta love Ipods when they shuffle just right in the morning.


Educated Steve said...

Go Roayls!

Jon said...

Good work on the Royals jinxing. Baseball is all about the jinxes.

Educated Steve said...

I kinda feel bad for the Red Sox. Spending 4 straight days in Kansas City must be awful. I don't even like being in the Kansas city room at the Hilltop.