Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You just got Greink'd!!!

I hate the whole "Well, they're dangerous, they're not playing for anything right now..." argument. Personally, if I'm playing for nothing, I usually give up and go have a beer, but for some reason all baseball persons think a team like the Royals is dangerous because they are out of the playoff race (were in June) and just playing to prove something to themselves. Eff that. If I'm a team in playoff contention, I'm f*cking playing to make it into the playoffs and pick up my big, fat, stinky bonus world series check waiting for me at the end of October. If that "loving the game of baseball" thing doesn't get your juices flowing, well give a sh*t for the sake of the almighty buck. God, I hate getting Greink'd.


BBG said...

Last night, 1st inning was pathetic. Night before's game, late innings were pathetic. Now that we have that out of our system, can we get back to playing contention baseball?? Huh? Do you think?

Jon said...

I think you just jinxed the middle innings.