Friday, September 25, 2009

I know that, Jerry Gallo is dead.

I'm Jerry Callo. With a "C". Sorry, topic came up yesterday and neither Steve nor I could deny the greatness of that movie.

Sox win again. Buchs looked good. Ortiz went bridge and now they all roll into New York 5.5 GB. Lester vs Bulldog Chamberlain tonight. Don't stare directly at that picture. Joba's mom will eat your soul and gnaw on the cartilage in your knee caps til you smack her on her nose and tell her 'down'. The goal this weekend: Don't let the Yanks take all 3. They're at 97 wins. They're going to get 100, just don't let it be against the Sox. That's what I'm watching for. Well that and maybe another Jessica Biel and Eliza Dushku siting at the same game near each other again. I know, that was at Fenway but it just goes to show you how much better Fenway is than NY.

Not-so-Fun Friday Fact: I haven't been to a Sox game this year. First year ever since I can remember. I will be attending a Rockies game next week in Colorado, but it's not the same.


BBG said...

I was at all the games this year! Watching from my dark blue leather Barca-Lounger, thank you very much!

Joba the bulldog has been on a slide. I predict he hates the Red Sox tonight, and shows that by beaning someone accidentally on purpose.

Bosox Bikini Girl said...

Can that happen? Can one starter bean another starter?? I swear that's what's all smoke & mirrors.