Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday is no longer my fun-day.

Well, that couldn't have gone any worse. I'd rather not mull over the Lester thing until he says how he's feeling over the next few days. Right now he's saying he's ok, so Boston breathes a collective sign of relief. So instead, I'll concentrate my anger upon Tek. Usually Drew is the Cheese punching bag but today it's the Cap. 7 stolen bases against him. Are you f*cking kidding me? It wasn't Wake hucking the 70 MPH knuckler either, it was just Captain Noodle Arm being old. Hmm, that didn't feel good bashing Tek, but it had to be done.

No pictures today people. That's a mojo thing. Less pictures, more mojo.


BBG said...

Hey! Tek didn't have 7 throws, did he? Let's disburse the shit around evenly here. Lester was not paying attention, you had Yanks running when they normally don't, Tek forgot to use the Ben Gay. And what about that masterful throw to 2nd from Victah? Where was that going? To the Pru?

It just didn't have the feel of a hyped up, growling, spit in your face NY/Boston game. It was almost like I could smell ** dare I say it ** de-feet.

Jon said...

It wasn't all Tek, but I needed a scape goat and Tek going 0-4 just added to the frustration.

BBG said...

Ya, yur right. Tek is a good scapegoat. He won't see much (if any) playing time in the play-offs. But this series isn't as much fun as it normally is. Can't wait for the play-offs to start! Glad to hear Jonny is okay. That was pretty scarey.