Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sox Toons, Episode 1

Sox-Yanks, September game, critical moment, Tek makes his way to the mound...

“Ok, Wake, I think we go with another knuckleball here. A-Rod will never suspect it.”

“Whaddya think for dinner? Italian or Japanese? Theres that new joint in Downtown Crossing.”


“Food, Tek. This game is over.”

“Its bases loaded in the 5th and we’re up by 1, that’s why I came out to the mound. This game is far from over.”

“Aren't you hungry though? We have to get here at 4pm for every 7pm game, we never have time for dinner.”

“But its 6-5, A-Rod is up and hes already taken you deep. Oh, Matsui is on deck.”

“You’re right, lets get Japanese.”

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BBG said...

lol...but you shouldn't eavesdrop on people's conversation...