Thursday, September 10, 2009

One shot one kill

That shot of V-mart doesn't look very dangerous, but the guy's a freakin menace. He came in last night, bases juiced, game in limbo and delivered a 3 RBI double on the first pitch he saw that put the Sox ahead of a somewhat pesky O's team. I also refuse to even talk about B-Wags in case my world famous jinx works its' magic.

And why the hell can't the Rangers or Yankees lose? If you're still looking at the AL East, well then sir/madam you are a better person than I, or at least have done a lot more mind altering drugs in the last 2 months, but that Wild Card thing needs to happen and the Rangers are constantly giving out beatings to every team that crosses their paths. I don't know what happened to my vow to not watch baseball for a while.


BBG said...

Victah equals runs! And the he trots into second, raises his eyes to the skies, and gives himself a good whack on the side of the head. Not much damage done with those helmets, but tell him to stop! We need him!

Texas WAS losing; now they're not. Makes it exciting, donut...

Yankees suck. Period. End of story. Texas will fall apart. I think. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Educated Steve said...

Yup, 91 wins. Yankees suck alright.