Friday, September 18, 2009

The magic, she is a gone

Well, all things in life aren't bad. Always Sunny made its season debut last night and judging by talking to all my friends, or just seeing their status thing-ees on Facebook, just about everyone in the world was watching. It was actually timed perfectly because right after the Sox lost you had just enough time to wrap your head around Youk being left in the on deck circle last night and trying to find Tek a bigger glove so you could tune right in to Sunny without missing a beat.

The Sox would have had to go on a Colorado-esque 2007 streak to finish the season to catch the Yanks this year, and even though I knew it was the pipiest of pipe dreams, somewhere in the back of my mind the thought still lingered for some unknown asking-for-punishment reason. Now it's gone. That's ok though, because the next 7 games are against Baltimore and Kansas City. That's 7 games that should let the boys build up plenty of steam before rolling into da Bronx and trying to keep the Yanks from winning number 100 against the boys. Right now, that should be the mission. Don't give the Yanks win #100. When you can't win, bring down everyone else around you.

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