Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let someone else do the heavy lifting

I get where Theo and Tito and Co. are going with this one. Why waste the precious energy of the Red Sox to take home the Wild Card when the Angels are perfectly capable of doing it for them. You brilliant sons of bitches! The last 4 games I thought you guys were just flailing around hopelessly because that's how bad you really are. Now I realize the beatdown in NY was just a clever guise, a preconceived way to collect potential (not kinetic) energy to be stored and used next week when truly needed. Even more kudos for letting the Angels, the team the Sox will need to beat next week, win the WC for them. Beckett out with " back spasms" (aka too many shots of Jager)??? Lester's knee may cause him to miss a start??? F*ck, Tito is a god damn genius. Rest them. Rest them well. However, while this resting persists I refuse to watch the sh*t show they roll out on the field every night. At least until October rolls around.

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BBG said...

"Brilliant!", as those 2 blokes in the Guinness beer ads would say.