Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Year of Sox, in graph form

Steve and I were talking. Our relationship with the Sox waivers throughout the year. Here is how it goes down in handy graph form with a little explanation to boot. I'll go first.

January it's cold out. I think about baseball a lot, but I also get sick of the term "hot stove" and then there's all those owners meetings and crap.

February it starts to get interesting because spring training starts, but then it dips because you forget how boring spring training games are and how sad it is that the Sox/Yanks game is all hyped up and the starters are out after 2 innings.

April, full swing. The fact that baseball is on TV makes me teary eyed. This trend continues through June.

July last year I got married so I had other stuff on my mind. Also the ever looming post all star break Sox slump comes into my mind. Then in August it starts. I get antsy for playoff time and September gets even worse to the point where I stop watching all together and get all my baseball information through Sportscenter and other Sox blogs.

October finally comes around and it's the first team to 11 wins. I'll watch any playoff game on TV and refuse to miss a Sox game unless under my own superstition rules of when I can't watch.

Nov and Dec it's cold, baseball is over. Cue up the Globe running some story about how the Sox are pursuing some guy over Thanksgiving dinner and watch the Yanks sign a huge name.

Repeat year after year, except the wedding thing. One is good.

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