Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I dislike the Rays

Remember the movie The Rookie? Think more Quaid, less Sheen. The part that really made me start disliking the Rays before they did that whole '08 thing was that scene where the main character walks into the Rays clubhouse for the first time and sees the "treasured history" of his fellow Rays hanging in jersey form in the likes of Fred McGriff, Jose Canseco and Wade Boggs. Sorry but those guys didn't exactly bleed purple and teal or whatever the Ray's lame ass colors are. Baseball inaccuracies in movies really tick me off. I won't even bore you with my take on that Brandon Fraiser crapfest "The Scout" or how the hell anyone is supposed to believe that Freddy Prinze Jr. can 1, throw that fast or 2, land Jessica Biel on his best day. Summer Catch my ass.

Also, how did Brad Penny land that? He definitely didn't impress her with his pitching skills. At first the portly bastard was serviceable, but now he's starting to lose that initial fat guy swagger he arrived here with. At leas we have Smoltz starting tonight against the first place Yanks??? Oh man.


bosox bikini girl said...

Smoltz...this is what I was afraid of. Well, chances are we won't get beat up too bad; maybe 2 out of 4?? Did you hear Byrd is on the minor league payroll? They brought him back...if the pitching staff is in such peril, and they think Byrd is the almighty solution, we're in deep poop....Not that Byrd is terrible. But he ain't no Halladay. And what's up with Wake? Is it worse than we originally thought? And I guess we can just about forget about Dice-K.....ah soooo.....should be interesting (embarassing).

Steve said...

Jon, did i catch a "we" in there in reference to the Red Sox? BLASPHEMY!!!

Educated Jon said...

I know, I put a "we". I've broken my own oath. I don't think I'll be forgiving myself for quite some time.

Byrd vs Smoltz, I don't know who I take in that one. Right now Byrd just because The John Smoltz Experiment is not going the way anyone wanted.