Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garza leaks

A painful loss by the Sox last night, losing in the 13th on a Longoria dinger. Props to Delcarmen and Double R (Ramon Ramirez) for getting out of some big jams in the late innings, but to no avail. However the most painful part of last night's game was watching Matt Garza on the hill. Not necessarily for his pitching prowess, but witnessing his spitting fits. He is in loogie mode the entire time, drenching the mound with saliva every 5-10 seconds. Was Lester going out there every half inning to be welcomed by a mud pit? And is this disgusting habit something that Garza carries with him off the field? His dentist must love him.
More Trop ball tonight before the Sox head to the most expensive stadium in all the land for 4 big ones.

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