Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?

When the Nation notes that"Thankfully the Sox are playing some of the less fortunate teams before the AS break and should be able to notch a few easy wins" the Sox should learn to listen. Shut out by the A's. Ouch. Not exactly the infield of your dreams last night either with Lugo and Green in there at the same time because mighty mite was out with some family issues. Then you got the Professor just giving up piles and piles of hits bringing his ERA up over the bogey level for a par 5. Bogey being a golf term. The Cheese appeals to all. Appreciate it people.
Tonight however, JPB brings the magic and quite possibly a hunting rifle to lay down the law against the A's before they try to pull a Seattle on the boys and go up 2-0. There is no way he settles for anything less than total domination and quite possibly a Temple of Doom-like tearing out of the A's heart. Both are not only necessary, but at this point required.

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