Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warning: Baseball post ahead

I am sorry for the baseball post. This does not change things between us, you the reader and I. I still like to post stupid things and call it baseball related. I just found this interesting.

Jacoby Ellsbury has 37 stolen bases. Assuming he has 3 more this week, that would give him 40 through the half way point. Being an engineer, I'll do the math on that and say he'd be up around 80 for the season at the current pace. 80 stolen bases hasn't been done in over 20 years. ('07 Reyes had 78 and that's the closest since '88) In 1982 Rickey Henderson had 130 stolen bases. One effing hundred and god damn thirty. (side note: he was also caught 42 times that year) To put that in perspective, Ells would have to DOUBLE his SB pace starting right this minute to even be in the 130 base range. Hendu also walked 116 times that year. To put THAT in perspective, in 06 when Ortiz had 50+ HRs he walked 119 times from the 3 spot. Rickey walked 116 times from the leadoff spot. Not to hang from the guy's taint or anything, but those are some crazy numbers. FYI in 82 Dan Quisenberry finished ahead of Rickey in the MVP voting.

Last baseball thing hopefully before Steve saves this site and posts a picture worthy of The Cheese, Jeff Passan of Yahoo! had a good article about Mark Buehrle wanting to retire early. One of the better quotes when asked about if he would go to the Sox/Yanks/big market team and make more, "What, is $14 million a year not enough? I need to go somewhere and get a couple extra million?". Found it kind of fitting because that shortstop guy back in town that turned down $15 mil doesn't think it's enough.


Guest said...

Crawford is going to be the last guy to steal 80 bases, before / if Jacoby does.

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