Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks beautiful

What Nomar (who got his name by spelling his father's name 'Ramon' backwards - Thank you MVP 2005 for the Playstation) meant by "thanks beautiful" was "thank you for shooting me up with synthetic testosterone to make my muscles bigger but at the same time making my tendons, such as my Achilles, susceptible to tearing like a piece of tissue paper." Not sure if anyone in the world went from hero to hated quite as quickly as Nomar did here in Boston. As all that have left the hearts of Fenway Faithful, we try to remember Nomar for those years when he was the unstoppable force and when he was "our" shortstop who you'd take any day over that guy from NY. Tonight though he's back, along with that guy who is going to rank up there with Big Mac as the worst appologizer ever. For all I care Seattle was a fluke and with the Professor taking the hill tonight we're looking dead into the face of 7 games in a row that the boys should dominate as long as they are not suffering from 3 days of nothing but double cheeseburgers, Sam Summer and chocolate chip cookies like I am.

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