Friday, June 12, 2009

What could have been

Oh the things that could have been. This dynamite little picture here could have been plastered all over the world last year if the Rays didn't mess with destiny. This weekend we get our first look at the supposed champs of the world during inter"games that count but shouldn't because picthers shouldn't bat except in the world series"league play. Lester takes the mound tonight as he's coming off two dominate performances in a row, 1 MMA victory against Chuck Liddel and a record setting Jenga session in which managed to only leave the top 3 pieces reminaing. Needless to say, he's been on a roll so let's hope he keeps the good mojo kickin' and leaves the champs in the dust.


Anonymous said...

Some hypotheticals upon which I'd like to solicit your expert advice:

*Jon Lester versus Brock Lesnar in the Octagon
*Jon Lester versus Brock Lesnar on a lumberjack log spinning in the Oregon River.
*Jon Lester versus cancer if radiation therapy had never been invented.
*Jon Lester versus Roe versus Wade with the Supreme Court AS IT STOOD IN 1988.
*Jon Lester versus Dominican illiteracy (no colored bracelets allowed).

Jon said...

I'll give Lesnar the lumberjack log spinning, but besides that I'd put my pennies on Lefty.