Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm Eckless and it hurts

I tuned in to a little bit of the pre-game show and saw Roberts in the booth with DO for a second but I didn't think too much of it. "Eck's probably just trimmin' his stache or researching different types of cheese to totally blow our minds tonight." I thought. 4 hours later it's the bottom of the millionth inning and the Sox aren't winning and I'm wondering who effed with the mojo. I know there have been petitions passed around to elect Dave Roberts prime minister of life and grant him exclusive rights to the city of Boston that Ben Affleck only dreams of, but he just doesn't bring it to the booth like Eck does.

On the good side of things Lester continued his total dominance over baseball with another 10+ K outting while teaching the National League you don't f*ck with our lefty. Youk was Youkin' with a solo shot and JD continued to only hit in the month of June with his own solo shot.

Bases loaded, 1 out, top of the 13th... see the comment section for the conclusion when it happens.

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Jon said...

Francona had Penny untie Lugo and the sonuvabitch gets in there and he gets on base and then a few singles and a sac fly later and it's 5-2. Best part, Lugo pinch hit for Saito so he won't be jeopardizing the finish of the game with his, "crazy sick range" at short... I hope.