Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Starting for the Marlins tonight...

The Florida Marlins front office requires that their starting pitchers be at least freakishly tall but at the same time they do not discriminate against being only slightly freakishly tall. Volstad (Tuesday night) is listed at 6'8". Andrew Miller (Wednesday night) is 6'6". Ricky No-so-tall-sco is the circus midget of the staff at 6'2". Are the Marlins really that bad now that they are now signing players strictly based on whether or not they can walk through a doorway without ducking? Bunch of freaks. I'm surprised Randy Johnson didn't go to Florida just to be around his fellow ogre sized friends. Sweet fancy jesus I just did what I like to call "research" and found out that every starting pitcher on the Marlins is over 6'0". Two giants at 6'8" and a few other giraffes at 6'7". Judging by their performance against the Sox so far, height don't mean sh*t in baseball. Gotta love the innocence and purity that is inter-league play... especially when the Sox get to play against the NL East.

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