Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Its Hump Day... time to make fun of Joe Morgan.

Remember when Joe Morgan wasn't crazy? Nah, me neither. And while I missed another splendid ESPN Sunday night broadcast, Deadspin was kind enough to catch this gem. *

Of course, we've always known he just makes stuff up in the course of the game. But superimposing himself in baseball history is a new one, even for Joe.

* Being the baseball nerds that we are, we put the Educated Cheese staff to work to double check Joe's miscue (which entails one of us on a rigorous Baseball Reference mission). Sure enough, Don Wilson pitched a no-hitter in 1967, as Deadspin linked.  And Joe was no where to be found (unless he was the batboy that day, and Joe considered that playing second base).  And just so we covered all our bases (baseball puns, very intended), Don Wilson also pitched a no hitter in 1969, one in which Joe was present at 2nd base.  However, if Joe were to be correct, Hank Aaron would have had to have been playing for the opposing Cincinnati Reds that day for his story to check out.

Holy crap, I just spent 20 minutes checking facts on a Joe Morgan story.  Someone punch me.

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